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Fiberwave Internet

WaveComm can offer you fast, reliable High Speed Internet. We specialize in providing services throughout the Upper Valley and rural VT/NH...YES EVEN THE LAST MILE!

Power lines down? NO problem most of our sites run solar, if you have a generator or UPS you're still online.
WaveComm has a truly unique solar powered Internet system. Staying green is just as important as bring you the best service.

Try bundling service add VoIP to your account, we can help you cut your phone bill and save you money.

WaveComm uses the newest equipment delivering amazing wireless, offering more reliable services at rocket fast speeds allowing for seamless video streaming.


2Way Radios

Have trucks on the road need to keep in touch, give us a try, we don't disappoint!
Cell phones just can't keep you connected.

WaveComm has the best Digital Repeater network in VT/NH

We sell repeater service, radios and even offer repairs! One stop shopping with ease.