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We offer a wide variety of ways to stay connected.

About WaveComm 

WaveComm offers a wide variety of ways to stay connected. From pagers that work at the Hospital, Radios that help the Police come to your rescue, and High-Speed Internet they can give you the freedom to see the world from your blazing fast internet. WaveComm will keep you connected!

High-Speed Internet

Wireless Internet is the new way of the future. Designed for Optimal Performance

Don’t get tied up with old wires, WaveComm can open your eyes to a cleaner view.

High-Speed Internet technology allows you to stream movies in the comfort of your home.


Delivering robust performance giving you unparalleled flexibility to browse the web, live gaming, VPN, and much more.

$29.95 – $299/month


Voice Over Internet Protocol


Unlimited local and long distance calling across the U.S., and Canada.

One flat rate, NO OVERAGE.

Voicemail sent to your email.

Use your own phone.

Plus Keep your existing number, allow us to port it for you.

Save money and bundle the Internet and Phone.

Starts at $24.95/month

2Way Radios

Stay connected on the road using WaveComm’s Digital Interconnected Radio Repeater Service. We are an authorized dealer for Icom, and Hytera products.

Hytera offers a comprehensive product portfolio from analog to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications.

IDAS is Icom’s digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN™ common air interface. It has useful calling features including selective calling, status message, radio stun/kill/revive and GPS position reporting, etc.


High-Speed Internet

WaveComm can offer you fast, reliable High Speed Internet. We specialize in providing services throughout the Upper Valley and rural VT/NH…YES EVEN THE LAST MILE!

Power lines down? NO problem most of our sites run solar, if you have a generator or UPS you’re still online.
WaveComm has a truly unique solar powered Internet system. Staying green is just as important as bring you the best service. Try bundling service add VoIP to your account, we can help you cut your phone bill and save you money. WaveComm uses the newest equipment delivering amazing wireless, offering more reliable services at rocket fast speeds allowing for seamless video streaming.


Apollo AL202

The AL202 is a numeric pager with a holster side-read design. Features include: A holographically-enhanced LCD Canned alphanumeric messaging 26 total memory…

Apollo T2000

The Apollo T2000 is a top-read numeric pager. Features include: Rubberized finger grip sides for improved handling holographically-enhanced LCD paired with dual backlights …

Apollo POP

The POP is Ultra-compact with an alphanumeric 1-line display and multiple navigation buttons Features include: 1-line LCD enhanced with a holographically definition using dual front light 3 multi-function navigation buttons…

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